about portraits

Most of these were done 'for fun' not 'commissioned' -they turned out the most alive and real (self portrait, our own cat portraits, classical reproductions) . When I'm commissioned or asked to 'do a portrait' I'm trying to bring someone's loved one to life on the canvas. It's really tough for me. If you think some of my works over in "Surreal" are portraits-you are wrong! I didn't like the idea of paying a model of any sort for several several reasons. Money issues, worried they would insist on buying it before anyone can see it, refuse to allow me to show it, etc. It was just easier to use me or Sasha, but those works in Surreal are actually trying to Say Something, therefore they are not here in 'portraits.'

all prices are for pick up only in Peoria Illinois, or Joensuu Finland, shipping available at your expense, email for more info: larainerkaizer at hotmail.com